Hotell Gässlingen, Rådhustorget 6, 239 30 Skanör

Food philosophy

This is our food philosophy.

In the details, the professional craftsmanship is labeled and we believe that it’s the small details that create the whole ensemble. An overall experience about food consists nor but not at least of what is served on the plate and what is poured into the glass. Just as important as that is the intercourse and the atmosphere around the table. As a guest, you should always be comfortable. The waitress / waiter are always available to assist with help and knowledge.

 We are proud of our cooking at hotel Gässlingen. We’re inspired of food from all over the world but in the meantime we’re letting the local commodities take place on the plate. The commodities we use are always seasonal and, as far as possible, ecological – which is our way of mirroring and approaching our unique nature outside our windows.

Good food is a matter of course for us. Therefore, we do everything we can to get your dining experience and enjoyment unique and unforgettable.