Hotell Gässlingen, Rådhustorget 6, 239 30 Skanör

Food & Beverage

Welcome to our world of flavors!

The Scandinavian food culture is a daily part of our life. We select the best of the traditional and classic food but we’re well aware of the latest trends. The proximity to Söderslätt’s local growers and breeders are reflected in every detail when you come dine with us. Talent and ambition is two leading words in the kitchen and our chefs are constantly trying to evolve themselves – all to give the guest the best dining experience it expects. Breads, cakes and pastries are all homemade. The beverage are carefully chosen by our passionate sommeliers who are striving to offer the guest  the best of wine, drinks, coffee and juice.
As a meeting participant, you always have fresh water, fruit, organic coffee and Gässlingen’s homemade cakes available. Many guest return just for our food and beverage and that pleases us.


Our main focus at Gässlingen is the food. Therefore, the choice of our commodities is extremely important to us. We choose to use organic and seasonal ingredients as far as possible and we strive to provide an overall dining experience for our guests. We hope you share our passion. If you would like to dine with us, please make an reservation ahead. Then we can discuss the menu together. You can reach us on +46(0)40 – 45 91 00.


If you don’t have the opportunity to come and visit us – let’s us help and be your natural caterer. We’re happy to help for both small and big occasions and social gatherings. Tailored dinners and big buffets – we can handle it all!
There’s always a possibility to get the food deliverd – everything to make it easier for you. Please get in touch with us in good time so we can guide each other to the perfect meal. Contact Niclas Österström at +46 (0)40 – 45 91 35 or mail at Read more>

Your philosophy

In the details, the professional craftsmanship is labeled and we believe that it’s the small details that create the whole ensemble. An overall experience about the food consists nor but not at least of what is served on the plate and what is poured into the glass. Just as important is the intercourse and the atmosphere around the table. As a guest, you should always feel comfortable. The commodities we use are always seasonal and as far as possible ecological – which is our way of mirroring and approaching our unique nature outside our windows.

Good food is a matter of course for us. Therefore, we do everything we can to get your dining experience and enjoyment unique and unforgettable. Read more>


Our passion for wine and baverage is just as big as our passion for cooking. We stand fot, that it’s the overall experience that the guest will remember. Our sommelier is constantly looking for new, exciting and excellent drinks to suit all special occasions. We choose our wine distributors and wine makers with care because we strive to find the extra ordinary and well done wines that have been produced under the best possible conditions.

No matter what kind of beverage we’re talking about, it always brings a story. Therefore it’s important that the sense of origin, address and sender characterizes our choice of drinks. We guard some extra about our local Swedish and European drinks, but of course you’ll find exciting flavors from all over the world in our selection.