Hotell Gässlingen, Rådhustorget 6, 239 30 Skanör

Weddings & Parties

Weddings & Parties

The unique environment and the surroundings at Gässlingen are ideal for all events & parties regardless of the season and theme. Guests have described our arrangements as “unique, luxurious and homemade”, which is what we strive to achieve. Thanks to our passion for food, beverage and personal service, we hope to continue this in our future arrangements.

Weddings at Gässlingen

Imagine having an entire hotel with personalized service for your biggest day…
We love successful weddings and would be happy to arrange your special day. Allow us to organize an unforgettable wedding for you and celebrate love toghether. We offer an overall experience with everything from dinner the evening before, to the big day and the closing brunch. For more information about our wedding arrangements please contact Mathias Hellström.

Memorable moments

Celebrate all the memorable moments of life with us at Gässlingen. We have a long and good experience  from everything from birthday parties to baptism, funeral dinners and kick-off event for companies. The unique environment at Gässlingen together with our passion for food and beverage is a perfect match for your special accation.

At Gässlingen we have room for up to 120 eating guests in different types of seats.

Please contact Mathias for further information and details or requests.

Furniture and number

Proper furnishing is very important at every party and wedding.
Here are some suggestions.

U-style with concierge desk is best suited for a maximum of 120 people.

The use of round tables is a maximum of 88 people.